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About A Year

I just wanted to share a small video this week I made to help some friends on a project to raise awareness and support people with Motor neurone disease. I guess the dance speaks for itself and I hope you all have a great weekend!

About A Year in Dance from About A Year on Vimeo.

Just like that

Way to early in the morning

he got to his plates of meat,
nodded to the dead loss,
settled his tit for tat
on to his loaf of bread.
This is what he accepted to do.
it´s just like that.
Went down the apples and pears
into the field of wheat,
stopped at the rubbity dub
for a couple of drown your fears
with his china plates
No time to waste,
no time to meet up with mates
Went home to the trouble and strife
and the god forbids.
back to tit for tat.
“Just like that.”
He earned his bread and honey
with the usual grind and shirk.
Had the money but never touched
the dirt of the naughty nights out.
He died of the jack dancer
on his pat malone.
Thought he had it all,
but died alone.
No more tit for tat.
… Just like that.
                                                                                           30th of Januar  By Tree Soul

194 Days to Go – Arthur’s Journey

194 Days to Go

Arthur’s Journey

I can’t believe how fast time is moving at the moment. Here’s the latest instalment of Arthur’s Road to Rio.

It includes a trip to Hungary, some sharpened blades, an Irish Times spread and a sneaky, adventurous passport.

Love it!

We are getting more and more excited here – it’s gonna be such a great event.

Hope you all had a nice Monday,

Much Love,



Arthur’s Journey 210 Days to Go

210 Days to Go



With 210 Days to go, here is Arthur’s New Vlog. He’s some man!

Hope all is well with you lot,

Much Love,


Cloud live music video

Time to share one of my latest pieces of work. Back in November I recorded this live music video for a great up and coming artist. On behalf of the Independent newspaper I recorded this for the nationwide students battle of the bands session. Here is the winner of Falmouth and Exeter university and I hope you enjoy the video!

If you liked the song you are also welcome to check out her Soundcloud at

Much love

Baby Rabbit x

There Are Days

homeless 1

There are days when I don’t feel special or purposeful

There are days when I lose faith in people

There are many days I look at the world and tremble

But I never lose faith in you


A Return to Glory

A Return to Glory

Almost dead


Sometimes you can dig deeper simply rewriting your own story. That is of course if you already found yours already.

We’re all still writing ours, but if you don’t know what yours will read like and you haven’t started writing yet, worry not my friend, take a step back “relax” and focus on what you see.

This is the time of the year when we Go through our pages and rub out all the sentences we don’t need or like. We edit and revise.

A hopeless diet or a new membership we happily paint for a while, until they tire.

The page can be read up or down or upside down, in each way we get addicted to the fitter. Because the fitter survive longer.

I promise you, keep going and after the highest mountain or your toughest page, the darkest days you will see the light of a view that you never dreamed possible.

Your page of Paradises will read well when read and soon people will tell you “Wow, you look great, what a nice chapter”…

You might start to write differently and you will dance through life, writing better and better, like me, madly in love.

But this time: You love yourself like you never did before. Look up and try to breeze in every sunlight you can spot and leave the sleepy you to rot. A new year, Another year to find out who we are and how we can stop the evil things in this world.

I started within myself and I just try be the best I can.

And now someone loves me and I’m a happier man.

By Tree Soul 7th January 2016

”Bad Day” A Film By Faria

HAPPY NEW YEAR, THE FIRST PAGE IN ANOTHER SEQUEL TO EACH OF OUR PERSONAL BOOKS OF LIFE. To start the New Year off, I am posting on my given day (friday) here on TPJ, not a poem or words today, but a video I made.

A short film directed, filmed and edited by myself as my first short film attempt. I had help from two very talented people that go by the name of Terrence Orlando and Alexander Polis (check them out on social media platforms) and it was all shot in London. Actually to be even more precise it was all shot in Battersea, London with a DSLR Nikon D7200, and no preparation, rehearsal, or experience.

The music in the film is all music by my close friends, Lars Sylvest, Terrence Orlando (the main actor himself), and Kenny Kensei. Their music can be found on Soundcloud (keep an eye out for the credits).

I hope you enjoy it, I would highly appreciate the criticisms and comments so that I can take them into consideration when attempting my second short film. An aspiring actress with an interest in filming and a bit of free time led to this…


One night only

No better way then to end this year with one of the worst days of 2015.   One hell of day, when everything goes completely wrong.

The question isn’t how much you can drop or break in one day, if you can get lost and almost loose your second half in a city thats new to you, too without knowing where to go. Well, i wouldn’t post this post if i completely got lost.

The sun will stop shining just the moment when you feel like crying and the raindrops on your face cover everything you don’t won’t anyone else to see.

We all had them, maybe not on the same date but definitely all in 2015

Another big bang, another good night with the gang- Let´s forget about what went wrong and where we took the wrong turn and focus on whats ahead.


We forget about that day right now and remember the wonderful things, we all met unforgettable people this year and we will drag them into the new year with us.

Adventure is out there.

It can only get better, raise your glasses and lets cheer:

Bring it on 2016

Thanks to the past and Hello future

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